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NuovaCGS was founded in 1979 by professionals with a solid experience in precision mechanical workings.
The company builds mechanical components, workholding equipment and custom automatic machines for companies operating in the mechanic, oleodynamic and automotive sector.
The company has a design staff formed by qualified engineers with a great experience. Technologically advanced machine tools, together with quality control equipment, guarantee the quality of our realizations.
NuovaCGS with its experience and know-how can offer to its customers a complete and qualified service, analyzing the customer’s request with a meticulous feasibility analysis, and responding with a qualified design and a tailored offer in order to ensure efficiency, product quality and short response time.
Equipment and machines built by NuovaCGS can be found in the productive and experimental departments of prestigious Italian companies operating in the automotive, mechanical and oleodynamic sector.



Design Office 


We have and internal design office with professionals who have been working for many years in this sector, with specifical skills and knowledge about the design of mechanical parts and of automatic machines for mechanical, automotive and oleodynamic sector.

During the design phase we use 3D CAD software and FEM analysis.

Our deisgn office is in contact with external structures in order to guarantee a short response time even with big loads of work.







Our Machine Tools


We have many machine tools so we can build in-home all of the mechanical parts of our machines and equipment

  • Fresa alesatrice MECOF CS 88/G con controllo numerico SELCA S1200, completa di piattaforma girevole 1000x1000 720 div. e testa indexata a due mandrini ortogonali.
  • Fresa alesatrice SACHMAN mod. T10 con controllo numerico SELCA 3045 testa orizzontale-verticale e cambio utensili 20 posti ISO50 completa di piattaforma girevole 770x770 720 div.
  • Fresatrice verticale HERMLE con controllo numerico SELCA 3045.
  • Centro di lavorazione verticale RMT Kompakt 10 cn SELCA 3045 cambio utensili 30 posti ISO40.
  • Fresa alesatrice SACHMAN mod. S80.
  • N°2 Fresatrici universali a mensola con testina veloce visualizzate.
  • N°2 Fresatrici universali a mensola  con slittone motorizzato visualizzate.
  • N°1 Tornio MAHO GRAZIANO GR 300 con controllo numerico PHILIPS.
  • N°1 Tornio MAHO GRAZIANO GR 400 con controllo numerico PHILIPS.
  • N°1 Tornio parallelo ad autoapprendimento CNC OMG 250 con controllo numerico SIEMENS 810.
  • N°1 Tornio parallelo con altezza punte 180 mm, lunghezza tornibile 1500 mm  diametro tornibile nell’incavo naturale 700 mm
  • N°1 Torno parallelo con altezza punte 120 mm, lunghezza tornibile 1500 mm
  • N°1 Tangenziale ROSA campo di lavoro 1000 x 450 x 500 mm
  • Varie macchine ausiliarie per le lavorazioni di completamento


Quality Control


All of the parts we build and checked in a quality control room equipped with all the necessary instruments. We have many quality control and measure instruments, including a tridimensional measure machine POLI SKY 3.









External Suppliers


We have a reliable network of external suppliers that we refer to for:

  • Rettifiche esterne ed interne

  • Elettroerosione

  • Trattamenti superficiali

  • Trattamenti termici tradizionali e sottovuoto









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